Best Books of the Year

| 1 comments | Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here are links to a few best of the year lists from various sources, many found at Fimoculous's 2008 List of Lists:

Publisher's Weekly

The Village Voice

The New York Times

NPR's Maureen Corrigan.

A wide array of lists at the book blog The Millions.

And lastly, Northtown's own Jay Herzog lists his favorites in the North Coast Journal.


| 0 comments | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Northtown Books does a little couch potato outreach and airs a television ad.

Watch it below in all its glory.


| 0 comments | Tuesday, December 2, 2008

John Zerzan, anti-civilization theorist and editor of Green Anarchy magazine will present his new book, Twilight of the Machines, at Northtown Books Friday, December 5 at 7 pm.

Zerzan offers a challenging, radical critique of modern society and techno-culture and argues for a radical reconstruction of society based on a rejection of alienation and an embracing of the wild.

His previous books Elements of Refusal, Future Primitive and Running on Emptiness have made Zerzan a leading voice in anarchist thought. Twilight of the Machines, his first book in six years, confronts civilization, the history of its developing crisis and the possibilities for human and humane solutions.

John Zerzan can now credibly claim the honor of being America's most famous anarchist. His writing is sharp, uncompromising, and tenacious.
- Derrick Jensen

Learn more about John Zerzan here.


| 0 comments | Monday, December 1, 2008

Antonia Juhasz, author of The Bush Agenda, returns to Northtown Books to present her new book The Tyranny of Oil. The event happens Thursday, December 4, at 7 pm.

In her new book, Juhasz shows how Big Oil manages to hide its business dealings from policy makers, legislators, and most of all, consumers. She reveals exactly how Big Oil gets what it wants—through money, influence, and lies.

Drawing on considerable historical research, Juhasz explores the parallels between today’s companies and Standard Oil, the most powerful corporation of the early 20th century, whose stranglehold on the economy and government was broken only by the vision and persistence of activists and like-minded politicians. We are in a similar position today, she argues, with the 2008 elections offering a unique opportunity for ordinary Americans to come together, reclaim their voices, and shore up our nation’s crumbling democratic foundation.

Please join us for this timely event. For more information, check out her website.

She'll also be appearing the night before, December 3rd, in an event sponsored by the Humboldt Green Party at the Labor Temple in Eureka (840 E Street). It also takes place at 7 pm.

Juhasz was recently interviewed by Terry Gross for NPR's Fresh Air.